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What is a Performance Dashboard?

Marketmesa has created a time and percent performance dashboard. A digital dashboard so powerful and unique it is patent pending worldwide.

Wikipedia(R)  defines a digital dashboard as follows:

"A digital dashboard, also known as an enterprise dashboard or executive dashboard, is a business management tool used to visually ascertain the status (or "health") of a business enterprise via key business indicators. Digital dashboards use visual, at-a-glance displays of data pulled from disparate business systems..."

Key business indicators can be any entities that suit your needs - Stocks, global indexes, mutual funds, revenues, expenses - your imagination is the limit!

Marketmesa can merge entities and their data from multiple sources 1
You can choose and compare any entities from a list you have created, and create any number of lists.

Marketmesa's dashboard gives you historical context - not all dates are created equal, you choose just the dates that are important to you and your business - so you can decide if the entities whose values are being monitored are progressing in the desired direction.

Because you can choose any dates and compare going forward or backward in time, you can see how you relate to the world, and how the world relates to you! 

Chart and Compare
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Version 3.23.11

Marketmesa's dashboard compares the same data either in 2D or 3D charts:

2D charts are easy to understand.  However, the number of entities displayed in a 2D chart is limited by how much data can be maximally displayed.  Marketmesa's 2D charts max out at 22 entities and 22 dates which, for most data becomes illegible.

Because the same data can be displayed in either 2D or 3D charts, you can compare a 2D chart with a 3D chart. 

3D charts are also easy to understand and they can legibly display a much higher number of entites.
You can start off with a low number of entities and quickly exceed a 2D chart's capacity to where you are truly in the realm of 3D charts!


1 ~ 'Please see System Requirements #1


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