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How Our Stock Charting Software Works

Chart & Compare 100's of Stock and Dashboard Performances - In 1 Screen!!
Marketmesa™ comes as a versatile 21 day free Stock Chart Software Download trial.

Chart and Compare
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Version 3.23.11


Marketmesa™ is two interdependent programs installed at the same time: Stocks and Charts. Together, they enable you to make charting and percentage comparsions by viewing performances of hundreds of entities at the same time in one screen - stocks, funds, global indexes, sales, resources, revenues, costs, forecasts and targets (your imagination is the limit) on just the important dates chosen by you. Marketmesa™ stock charting dashboard performance software allows you to quickly choose and compare up to hundreds of strategic performances to explore those opportunities.

Marketmesa dashboard performance software converts a confusing collection of text formatted numbers1 into a clear, historical, data visualization.  If you see anything unusual about the graphical image and data, you will now be able to identify a problem or opportunity for your business.

Your accounting system probably generates financial ratios based on your business' various revenue streams and expenses. Like sales and costs, financial ratios can also be committed to Marketmesa charts that instantly convey the financial health history of your company.  Your accountant can explain the importance of keeping various ratios within an acceptable range to maintain financial health.


1-Please see System Requirements #1


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