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Stock Market Business Intelligence Software

Whether your interest in the stock market is a single stock chart or the comparison of many stock charts, Marketmesa can display percent changes for the event dates that are most important to you.

The following describes how stock market business intelligence software can help you.

How can stock charting help my business?
By watching the performance of competitors, industrial and global stock indexes, you can judge where your business' products fit in the global economy to pursue new marketing opportunities.

Where can I find new opportunities?
Regional, country, and industrial indexes along with sector mutual funds can help you find and tailor your export efforts to a global market's cultural and resource growth needs.

Chart and Compare
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Version 3.23.11

How can I follow business cycles?
Business cycles can be globally mobile and rise and fall depending upon the products marketed.  Marketmesa enables you to choose event dates that are important to the markets you are pursuing.  Because hundreds of stocks, mutual funds and indexes can be viewed at the same time, you can watch the ebb and flow of economic activity on a global scale.

Chart & Compare 100's of Stock and Dashboard Performances - In 1 Screen!

Marketmesa comes as a versatile 21 day free Stock Chart Software Download trial available long term as a subscription.


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