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Stock and Chart Software System Requirements

  • Data and data formatting- Extraction, Transform and Load - ETL - are not included with Marketmesa Software.
  • You are responsible for the acquisition of data from third party data sources and proper formatting of all data.
  • Third party data sources may require subscription services at your extra cost.  Data acquired from  third party sources may also require ETL services or tools at your extra cost.
  • Text data formats of both Worden Bros.(R) TC2000™ Stocks and Worden Bros.(R) TC2000™ Mutual Funds do not require an ETL tool.1
  • Microsoft(R) Access™ may provide sufficient ETL functionality for some other data sources.
  • Use search engines to find an appropriate Extract, Transform and Load - ETL tool.
  • Data to be imported must be located in sub-folders with no more than eight characters in their path name.  e.g.  c:\12345678\12345678
  • Check with your data provider for conformance.
  • Marketmesa™ Stocks is a database program which requires a Windows(R)-like shutdown.
    Only the program's Quit -F11 key command can be used to properly exit the program.
  • No Windows™ or other computer close functions can be used to exit the program or corruption can occur. Chart and Compare
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    Version 3.23.11
  • Marketmesa™ is a professional database program which can cause eventual file fragmentation. The use of a defragmentation utility is recommended.
  • The Software identifies all entities by their unique symbols.
  • Each entity's data records must be identified by the same unique symbol.
  • Each symbol is condensed by the program to the first five alphanumeric characters.
  • Each name can have up to twenty ascii characters.
  • Numbers are evaluated and sorted only one numeric character at a time, not as whole numbers.
  • The program has a limited ability to sort symbols and names with numeric characters.
  • Symbols and names are evaluated and sorted in the order of one ascii character at a time.
  • Symbols are upper case only, names are both upper and lower case.
  • The ascii characters 128 are listed before 3B before 3a before 74.
  • The ascii characters 123AA are listed before 123AB before 123aa before 123ab.
  • Minimizing the introduction of numeric characters in symbols and names is recommended.
  • The user is responsible for maintaining symbol uniqueness and sort order.
  • Marketmesa™ needs special memory, so the original config.nt in C:\Windows\System32 will be copied to C:\Windows\System and replaced by a new config.nt with files=244.  If Marketmesa needs to be removed via the Windows Add/Remove program, the original config.nt will be restored.
Chart and Compare
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Version 3.23.11

1 ~ Marketmesa, LLC is not nor is it's Software affiliated with or endorsed by Worden Bros., Inc.

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