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What is Marketmesa?

Marketmesa is time and percent stock performance dashboard software that enables you to compare hundreds of stocks and entities at the same time in one screen. Marketmesa™ charts a quick executive overview of performances that help you and your business - be globally aware and market pro-active.

Easily Compare Stock Charts and Data.

Chart and Compare
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Version 3.23.11


  • Choose, change, and group entites for chart and data comparisons.
  • Import and merge multiple sources of historic data 2source files conforming to the simple export text formats of: Worden Bros.(R)TC2000™ Stocks or TC2000™ Mutual Funds!1
  • Import and merge multiple sources of single day hourly text data source files conforming to Marketmesa's™ simple text format.2
  • Imported data and their sources can be identified  - you know which data came from  where and when.


  • 3D charts are fly-around and zoom navigated.
  • A screen can have many charts, each a different comparison of any stocks, funds, and dashboard entities.
  • 2D and 3D Charts are mouse-bubble active and optionally display correlated spreadsheet values - to keep you oriented in the chart data!

You provide the relevant data and Marketmesa turns it into comparison charting information related to the stock market, your business or the world. All data providers are Welcome! Data can be manually entered, or, provided it is in the simple text format, imported from multiple sources, and compared.  The program uses simple native text data from Worden Bros. TC2000 Stock and TC2000 Mutual Fund programs - popular subscription fee services - they send free trial stock and fund CDs with which you can convert their trial data to the proper format for demonstration purposes -   800-776-4940
Instructions are in Marketmesa's Stocks Help topic: Manual Import, sub-topic: Users of TC2000.1

Data from any sources can be converted to the simple text format using an Extract, Transform and Load utility.  ETLs are found via internet search and professional programming companies. ETLs found in Microsoft (R) Excel and Access might suffice for your data sources. Sample historic and single day hourly text data source files are also included as examples for creating your import files.

Chart and Compare
Download Now
Version 3.23.11

1- Marketmesa, LLC is not nor is it's Software affiliated with or endorsed by Worden Bros, Inc
2- Please see System Requirements #1

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